“The Drop Box”, and Life Is Precious

I saw “The Drop Box.”

A pastor and his flock  in Seoul, South Korea, began to notice abandoned children. Some people would leave children outside their door. He realized that they had to do something, or the children could die. They had heard about another country having a heated box in which parents could place their babies instead of abandoning them. On the other side of the box, nurses and doctors were available to receive the baby. Pastor Lee built one of these “baby boxes.” Since then, he and his family, as well as  church staff and volunteers, have received hundreds of children. They care for these children with great love. The first thing Pastor Lee does when he takes a child from the box is to hold them close, and pray over them.

Pastor Lee’s work of caring for these children, many with disabilities, reveals God’s love for us. God adopts us, and loves us, unconditionally.  Every life is precious to Him–no matter what. To the world, these children may be nothing. Most of them won’t go to college, or have a successful career. In fact, many of them will be cared for their entire lives. To their birthparents, they were a burden to “get rid of.” But Pastor Lee helps us to remember the value and beauty of these children. Though they will never be “normal” according to societal standards, they are loved by God. They are loved by many others, too. These children reveal to us many things about ourselves and life. You may not expect it, but often they are very happy and smiley! They have joy just because they are alive. Because truly, every life is such a gift!

There are families committing to a life of loving these children with special needs, but the finances can be quite a barrier to adoption. Thankfully, there are organizations able to help these families with the burden.


Sweet Benji is one child who has quite a bit of money toward his adoption!

You can also help support Pastor Lee’s work, as well as a United States fund for families working to adopt domestically, through the Global Orphan Care Fund.

Please pray for Pastor Lee and his work. Pray for the children all around the world who are waiting on their forever families. Pray for parents facing difficult pregnancies, that they may have the courage to choose life. And pray that they may have the courage to place their child with a family who will love them and be able to handle their unique needs, if that is the best option.


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