Saint Joseph the Worker

Yesterday, May 1st, was the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. Humans must work. It is part of the fabric of our daily lives. Saint Joseph worked as a carpenter. This can be difficult labor and takes much precision. Saint Joseph shows us that work can be holy and a prayer.

joseph the worker

(Picture found here.)

Saint Joseph worked hard to provide for the Holy Family. He was a man of integrity, and a godly man. He obeyed when he was told in a dream to “be not afraid” and to take Mary as his wife. He gives men an example of strong character and following the will of God. Of course, he also is a wonderful example of a husband and father providing for his family.

I feel a great connection with the communion of saints, those in Heaven who have gone before us. Even now they pray for us, close to the ear of God! On yesterday’s special feast, I received some happy news about my job! Coincidence? I think not! If you are unsure where to go with your career or unemployed, Saint Joseph is a great one to reach out to!

Saint Joseph the Worker, pray for those who are underemployed or unemployed!


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