Your Mission Now

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I like to think that God gives us little “missions” at each part of our lives. It may be blatantly obvious to you what your current mission is. Maybe you’re part of a program that allows you to be a literal missionary in the inner city of the U.S.A., or in Asia. Sometimes, though, our mission is woven into the little things. Maybe you’re a momma to little ones and you fully realize that dressing, feeding, changing diapers, soothing this fussy little person to sleep, and praying for your child is your mission now. Other times, we don’t know exactly how God is using us. We have our daily routine, but nothing seems super special about it. Your job might involve sitting in a cubicle eight hours a day. Maybe you work as a salesperson for kitchen knives and then go home to your own place to cook dinner for yourself at 9 PM, after a full day of selling and many disinterested customers. What is my mission then, you might wonder? How is God using me? Be assured, that He is using you somehow. Importantly, He is also molding you for a future that only He knows. Be patient, and obedient. Only God knows the big picture and how the now fits into that. There are things that God keeps from us until the time is right, or until the other side of this life.

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There are times (ok, many times–I’ll admit it) that I like to dream about future possibilities. How will I be asked to serve God and others? Where? When? Yet I can’t get too caught up in that. No matter how mundane we may feel our lives are, we have a mission now. Let’s not waste today on tomorrow. Be assured that you are serving God now, in some way only the Lord may know. He has called you to where you live, the people you live around, and what you are doing. A life is many puzzle pieces, and somehow the pieces of your life have come together and made it what it is today. Who put together the puzzle? You helped, of course, but there was a lot of grace and orchestration from God.

So, live today’s mission, friend. Whether you feel energized and worn out by the battle every day, or all is calm and routine, it is your mission right now. What you are given is the present moment, and that is what you must fix your eyes on. Who knows; maybe tomorrow is the day you’ll get your next assignment.


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