Pray for Others

We need to pray for each other. To truly intercede for one another, for those close to us and those we don’t even know. We need to pray for each other with faith and hope. Maybe you think praying for someone is the least you can do. Well, let me tell you something: praying for someone is one of the most powerful things you can do for them. We don’t know the good or the blessings that can come from praying for someone. We can’t possibly know the strength or the graces that will be poured out onto someone because someone cared to pray for them. We don’t realize that prayers, over a period of time, can bring an atheist to belief in God or a non-Christian to salvation in Jesus Christ. Prayer is powerful.

(Now, I want to add a quick disclaimer. Prayer is very, very important. But just because you are praying for someone, doesn’t mean you are off the hook to help them in other ways. We must assist spiritually and in other ways, such as economically or emotionally.)

A lot of times, not knowing what else to say or do, Christians tell someone “I’ll pray for you.” Sometimes it’s a bandage on the situation–there are so many things that can’t be solved or that leave us speechless. Most of the time, we are sincere and do intend to pray. However, unfortunately, a lot of times we forget. Or we might mumble a quick prayer, and then not remember again till much later–or even forget altogether.

Let’s work on this, fellow Christians. Don’t forget. Pray without ceasing. When you promise to pray for someone, do it! You can pray wherever you are. Keep a prayer list or some reminder to pray for people. If you will forget right away, right it down or put a reminder on your phone when you make the promise. Prayer is the greatest gift we can give.

People will see God’s love through your prayers. Even in the fact that you promise to pray, they will find encouragement. Prayer bears fruit. 

What stories do you have of answered prayers?


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