Be Kind to Yourself.

There are times when we focus so much on serving others that we neglect ourselves.  Jesus never told us to serve others and forget about ourselves. How can you show love to others if you don’t love yourself? If your “tank” is empty, how can you fill others?

Guard your time with God and make sure no day passes by without it.


Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Ask God for the grace to move forward and to do better next time.


Let your body rest when you need to.


Don’t be afraid to say “no” sometimes.


Give yourself time to heal from emotional hurts.


Take time for you and to cultivate those interests that God has given you.


Recognize your own goodness and that you are a child of God.


Once we learn to love ourselves and glimpse ourselves the way God does, we will be able to love and serve our neighbors even better.


“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”~Luke 6:31 (The Golden Rule)


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