Get to your “War Room”

I went to see “War Room” this weekend. I am so glad that I did! It was one of the best $10 I’ve spent.

It was one of the best, possibly THE best Christian movies I’ve ever seen. The characters were real and believable. The types of situations portrayed in this movie are happening in every city around the world. Everyone can relate to situations where things seem to be falling apart, and we feel helpless to stop them. The humor as well, was very well done.

Spiritual warfare is REAL, my friends. It is happening every day, whether we realize it or not. And sadly, it often it isn’t until the Enemy seems to be winning that we realize it. Yet we are not helpless. We have GOD on our side, to fight for us! Nothing is impossible for Him. If we harness the power of prayer, we are conquerors! The situations in our lives, no matter how hopeless they seem, cannot control us! God can turn it around.

Our God fights for us, if only we allow Him the space and are open for Him to do so!

If you want to go, I would suggest going soon! Some theaters may only be playing it for a limited time, depending on your area. And bring a friend or 10! Here is the trailer if you want to get a sneak peek.

Did you see “War Room?” What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Get to your “War Room””

  1. I just saw “War Room” and I enjoyed it. It was beautiful and touched on so many aspects of spirituality. I liked that it touched on how a person can improve their own prayer life and how God has to be at the center of a marriage in order for it to survive. It’s nice to see a clean inspirational movie.

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