Complete Faith.

I am praying about a huge decision, one that entirely puts my future in the hands of my Father in Heaven. Because, for a long time and for various reasons, I held on to the trajectory that I wanted my life to follow. I’ve made decisions based upon what I hoped would be the end of the path. Only after years, is it sinking into me that God may have a very different plan for my life. Yet what my Father has for me is wonderful in its own way. I see the beauty in the reality, once I am able to let go of my ideal. 


So, I will step out, though the waves and the water seem too deep.  I am stepping out and trusting that, together, we will walk on the water. No matter where the road may lead, He will be with me. And it is the same for you, my friend. He will walk with you through the darkness and light. No matter if the road ends up somewhere unknown and unexpected, even undesired, He is still with you.

(Yes, I know this song can be very cliche and over-used. But once you get over that it’s a beautiful song about abandonment to God and His love for us.)


Jesus, I trust in You!


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