The Places He Puts Us

“From one man he made every nation of humanity to live all over the earth, fixing the seasons of the year and the national boundaries within which they live.”~Acts 17:26

Hearing the stories of how people end up in a certain place is always interesting. I mean, why would someone choose to move from California to Alaska? Or how did your friend from Beijing end up in your little town that has barely anything in it? Or the Syrian-born person that ends up a refugee and makes a home in Boston? It’s pretty amazing to think about how people ended up in one place when they could have stayed where they were or ended up somewhere very different. God has a way of bringing us where He wants us to be.

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  I’ve moved to my current city not once, not twice, but three times! It’s like a magnet always draws me back. Awhile back I ran into a woman I know, and she smiled to see that I was back in town. “Lianna, do you think that maybe God wants you to be here?” We both laughed. It’s pretty clear that God has placed me here for some reason. Some of those reasons have become clear to me. My heart is at peace here, and I’ve grown and found myself in ways I never could have imagined. I intercede for my city, that there may be peace, redemption, and an end to the turmoil. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many other people on their journeys and serve them in very tangible ways through my career. However, I cannot see the big picture. Only God knows exactly why I am here.

Trust that you also are where God intends for you to be. Maybe it’s only for a season. It could be for the rest of your life. It may not always be comfortable. We are asked to bloom where we are planted. There are people who need you, right where you are. They need your love and your prayer. You are called to be an intercessor for your city as well, and your country. If you’re challenged by where you live, God is calling you to grow through that experience. And sometimes, we end up somewhere for a short chapter, for reasons that we may not know, and then are called to move on. Other times we are asked to leave a place that we loved. God has a reason for placing you within the boundaries where you live, as the verse from Acts above reminds us.

Here’s a very succinct prayer if you are struggling with your place: God, put me where you need me! And trust me: He will do it!

(As you think about where you are, please also remember to pray for the numerous refugees and displaced people throughout the world. They are adrift and seeking where their next home will be. Ask God to bring them to a place of safety, acceptance, and welcome. Importantly, also welcome them and do whatever you can to show hospitality to those in your area.)


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