Pope Francis Is Coming to the United States!

It’s an exciting time for the United States! Pope Francis will set foot on U.S. soil in mere days!

The general schedule for his visit can be found here.  One reason for Pope Francis’ visit will be to celebrate the World Meeting of Families. That brings me to the an important prayer intention: pray for families, that they may be united in love, and for the strengthening of the family unit. Marriage is meant to be a reflection of Christ’s love for the Church–is it any surprise, then, that the enemy wants to destroy marriage and intact families?

Importantly, of course, pray for the safety of Papa Francis, and for stamina for him. He’s no spring chicken, though you wouldn’t know it!

And a very big intention: the Pope will be speaking to Congress! This is the first time in history this has happened. In fact, Pope Francis was invited to address Congress! Let us pray that the leaders who make decisions for the United States may open their hearts to hear and listen to what is said. May the Holy Spirit guide Pope Francis as to what to say and how to say it. This nation has strayed very far from the laws of God. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will touch some hardened hearts as they listen to a spiritual leader.

Pray for the pilgrims. People will be traveling from near and very far. Pray for safety and that they may find spiritual refreshment. Also pray that all the cities and people will be renewed in faith and peace.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the country, Pope Francis!

courtesy of ABC News
(photo courtesy of ABC News)

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