God’s Healing Grace

“We are all sinners. But God heals us with an abundance of grace, mercy and tenderness.”~Pope Francis

courtesy of unsplash.com
                     courtesy of unsplash.com

Don’t ever think that you’re too far gone. It’s never too late for grace. If you open your heart, Jesus will heal you every day.

The worst sinners can become the greatest saints. The most broken people can become whole. It is not on their own account, but on the grace of God working within them. Don’t doubt grace. Believe in God’s abundance of grace, mercy, and tenderness.

Sit still, get quiet, and let yourself feel aware of your littleness, your brokenness. But don’t stay there. Ask your Father to reveal how He sees you. Listen. Let His grace flow through you and bring you closer to Him and to your healing.

It will come in time, my friend, the healing work of God. Believe it.


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