This song has seemed to come on the radio quite often lately. I think it’s one of God’s ways to urge me to trust in Him and to continue to pray on all the questions in my heart. 

He is writing my story. And He’s writing yours, too. The ending has not come; there are still chapters up ahead, with twists and turns. He knows every word, every ellipsis. He knows it all, including your present impatience and wanting to read ahead and to hold the finished book in your hands.

For those still waiting, longing, praying desperately for a spouse. It’s not over.

For those crying out for a child to hold, feeling the ache of an empty womb and empty arms. It’s not over.

For those seeking employment to meet daily needs, and only finding rejection. It’s not over.

For those watching loved ones struggle because of their own harmful choices. It’s not over.

For those praying for peace and the road to take. It’s not over.

He is writing now, friend. Trust Him with the pen, and be amazed as the story unfolds.

God bless!