Encouragement is Powerful.

Have you ever profited from encouragement? Lately this theme has been largely present in my life, and I am so grateful for all the ways that I am being encouraged! I was feeling discouraged about whether I had made the right choice in certain aspects of life, but the Holy Spirit has spoken through so many people to encourage me that I’m on the right road. When you step back and take a moment to look, you’ll see that God is also encouraging you in so many ways throughout each day. Sometimes it comes in the form of a word from others, and sometimes finding just the right encouragement in His Word. Other times, God speaks directly to our heart by allowing us to experience blessings that are personally meaningful to us. If things aren’t going right, perhaps He is trying to encourage you to make changes in your life.

Check out my article on Ignitum Today about encouragement. It seems like such a simple concept, yet it is so powerful! Don’t ever discount the difference that encouragement can make in the lives of others! Thank God for the encouragement that you are receiving each day! It is a gift from your Heavenly Father!


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