Recently I received word that a friend’s family member passed away unexpectedly. The news came as a shock. I had just seen her a few months ago, and we’d spent a delightful time together. She treated me as a family member from the first day I met her. Whenever I went to visit my friend, I knew that her smile and hug would be there to greet me as well. Yet in an instant, her earthly life was gone. A surgery went wrong and it was over. She went to her eternal home with Jesus.

Though she left this earth so soon, she left a great legacy. I remember her kindness and gentleness toward all. She was constantly generous. In each moment, she radiated joy and love. She left a mark on me, one of goodness. When I recall her life, I recall only good.

We, too, are leaving legacies. It is happening at each moment, though we do not realize it. Our legacy is in our action and inactions, the words we speak and those we do not say. Our legacy begins in the small. everyday moments.

What kind of legacy are you leaving?