Soaking up the Sonshine.

All of us need to soak up the Sonshine. Yes, you read that right. Sonshine. We need to soak up the radiance and love of Jesus! (The blog is named Sunflower Sojourn for a reason!)

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My city was blessed with a beautiful, bright and sunny day for Easter Sunday. Truly, I believe it was a bonus gift from Jesus on the day we celebrate His Resurrection! Today was dark and gloomy. What a stark contrast. The light of Jesus lights up our lives and our world. Without Him, we are in darkness. Living in this area, I see how the lack of sunlight affects people, especially their moods and even their interactions with others. It is the same when we aren’t spending time with the Lord. We need to soak up His presence and live in His love every moment. My time spent out in the sun yesterday was refreshing to body, mind, and soul. I forgot how wonderful it is to bask in the sunlight because it had been so long. When we spend time with the Son, we are also refreshed.

My hope for you during this Easter season is that you can bask in Jesus Christ and know His love and light in your life even more than before! Even if you’re living in a dark climate, you can always soak up Jesus, the Son of God. You are choosing the better part!

“Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”~Matthew 11:28


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