Ask Before You Leap

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”~Proverbs 16:3

Do you remember the old adage “look before you leap?” I have another take. Ask before you leap. Talk to your Creator, the One who fashioned you and knows you completely and fully.  Then, if you have true peace and by all accounts the answer seems to be a “yes,” then go ahead and leap!

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Once again, I’m at a period of my life where I feel overwhelmed. Anyone else feeling the same? There are many projects I could undertake or continue. Before starting or continuing any of the projects, I must consult my Father. He is the One who created me with my specific talents and gifts. He knows the timing of the events in my life, how circumstances will change, and if some endeavors are not yet to come to fruition. If I jump in without consulting God, that does not bring glory to Him. Without God, they will not succeed. If there is any success in the project, it will not glorify Him or bring about the fullest success if we had asked His leading and help throughout the process. Sometimes the answer won’t be a  “no,” but a “later.” We can’t accomplish each of our callings at once! Not to mention, it will save us so much energy and time if we simply focus on the works God has put before us, without trying to do everything. (I get the image of someone in an office with bookshelves all along the wall, filled to the brim. The office door is shut to the outside world and the person sits at the desk piled overwhelming with papers and binders. The worker is frazzled and can’t do any of the projects well. The door is shut because that person didn’t ask for advice before beginning any of the projects, nor do they want help or to hear about how maybe some of the works weren’t meant for this time!)

Don’t just leap. Ask first, like a child asks their parents for something they want. If you get the go ahead, then go ahead! Keep asking for direction throughout the whole process. By following the leading of God in each of your undertakings, you will glorify Him. You will be shaped more and more into the creation that your Father always envisioned!

Asking will save you time, energy, finances, and possibly heartache. Ask before you leap.


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