Answered Prayers, Grief, and Letting Go

When you pray, be ready to let go. Thy will be done. The Lord hears our prayers. Be ready to let go, if the answer isn’t what you’d hoped for. If it turns out to be a “yes” and our amazing God makes a way–then be prepared to let go then, too. Recently I came across this article, which deals with grief at answered prayers. Though we ask our Father and have the request granted, we may find it bittersweet. It doesn’t seem to make sense at first. Doesn’t praying for something mean a person really hopes for it? Why would a person grieve their prayers being answered? 

Well, my friend, I think I know. In my own life, God is broadening my horizons in various

The Lord is broadening and beautifying our horizons.

ways. I am seeing prayers answered, but also seeing the reality of what those answered prayers will mean. These answered prayers of mine will lead to sacrifices. They will lead to change. For a time, or maybe a long time, they will lead to discomfort and purification. And sometimes, I’m just not ready to let go.  The “yes” that my Father gives sweeps me off my feet, and I realize that I must let go of the now and move into the great and different future that I have prayed for, and He has granted.  

It’s amazing how attached we can grow to the way things are. Familiarity is comfortable. Yet it can easily bring stagnancy. When we grow roots, it allows us to grow deeper into Christ. We can grow deeper into the person Christ is calling us to be. Once the tree of our life has grown fruit, we must also be pruned to make way for new branches. Though times of change are often joyful, we also need to grieve the season we are moving away from. We need to grieve it and be ready to embrace the next one, to grow in different ways. We must welcome change and even the possibility of being uprooted and planted elsewhere.   

The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”-Pope Benedict XVI

Be ready for answered prayers, to grieve what is passing away, and to let go and make room for the new!



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