A Season of Trust and Transition

I am amazed at the quick transitions in people’s lives lately. One friend, just over a month ago, was at a crossroads and had no idea where to turn. This week she told me that she is settled in at graduate school! Another friend had thoughts of moving, and was led quickly to affirmation that she should move! These are just 2 examples. This seems to be a widespread season of changes and transitions within the Body of Christ.

Myself, I feel like I’m sitting in the passenger seat and bracing myself as many life changes come my way. One key I am learning is openness. If my friends weren’t open to change, they would have sat back and accepted the way things were instead of jumping into the changes that Christ revealed to them. But they hold onto faith and jumped! I need to let go of the blessings of this season in order to jump into the blessings and challenges of this new season. I must be open to the new and not hold onto the past. I need to be open to change and what this new season will reveal. Only my Father knows what I will learn in this season, and how He intends for me to be His instrument.

A photo by Joshua Earle. unsplash.com/photos/s00F6-W_OQ8
courtesy of unsplash.com

We can trust that God is about to do great things, in all of our lives and for the greater Kingdom. So hold tight and be not afraid! Trust, and get ready for what our God is going to do!

Thank You, Father, for all that You have done, all You are doing, and all that You are about to do!


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