A Rain of Heavy Blessings

Suffering in life seems to come all together. It comes in twos, threes, fours…I am reminded of Job, who lost nearly everything all at once. Yet I never considered that blessings also came this way. And the reality is, many blessings can also seem burdensome. Think about the parents of twins, triplets, or more: a blessing, for sure! But a difficult one, with added stress and demands that at times seem unmanageable.

courtesy of unsplash.com

In this period of my life, I feel that the Lord is literally raining down blessings on me! Life was comfortable for some time. And all of a sudden, boom! A storm of wonderful things. Am I grateful? YES! I have accepted these blessings, many that I have waited upon for years. These blessings are also requiring much time and strain as I am pulled in different directions. I am tired, mentally and physically. Everything appears to be happening at once! I read a blog post about what the author calls “heavy blessings.” She says that blessings can be difficult to carry. We need to acknowledge and be grateful for them, but also have the ability to recognize that they tire us and may not seem ideal to us.

I particularly like this quote:

“But looking at your marriage or job or friend or child or health and calling it a heavy blessing gives glory to God while acknowledging your weakness and that is exactly what Christians are called to do.”

This journey is not easy. It isn’t supposed to be–we are making our way to eternal paradise as we suffer and rejoice. All of this is only temporary. We are human, and oh so weak on our own. Even the blessings may tire us. I thank God today for the grace to accept it all–the heavy blessings, the easy blessings, and all the sufferings. I am grateful for yet another opportunity to rely on the Lord in this season of “heavy blessings.”



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