The Grace of Slowing Down.

Today was my last day of vacation from work, so I had a list of many things to do. There are so many goals on my heart & that I’m praying about for the year, so I hoped to work on some of them. Then, this happened:


 He beelined over from the other side of the room and jumped onto my lap, curling up and quickly falling asleep. Benny loves attention, but it’s been awhile since he sat on my lap. I realized perhaps that the Father was using the opportunity to invite me to spend time totally focused on Him. I let the cat sleep and used the opportunity to sit and lift up the many intentions on my heart. Afterward, I rose up feeling ready to tackle tasks, but also with a content heart.

This year, I hope for the grace of slowing down. I pray that I can seek out moments every day just to be with God. Just as the cat can be jealous for attention (for example, sitting on the laptop when you’re trying to work–making it impossible to get something done), I want to be jealous for my time with God–letting nothing get in the way of it. Thanks, Benny, for teaching me the grace of slowing down.




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