Air, Tires, and Balance.

Today I went to fill my car’s tires with air. The temperature around here has fluctuated a lot, which can cause changes in tire pressure. The optimal

doli0tqgbac-janko-ferlic.jpg (not my car!)

measurement of my tires (PSI) is 32. Each tire was off by about 5 PSI. I was shocked when I came to the last one. The starting measurement was 12–20 points off where it should have been! All sorts of problems can happen when tire pressure is off. The way in which the tires drive becomes imbalanced, which can cause uneven wear on tires. It can affect gas mileage, causing you to spend more money and pollute the environment even more. In a bad case, it can even cause a tire blowout. This would be very dangerous. (Thank You, God, that I could fill all my tires today & hopefully avoid some sort of accident or adverse affect.)

I thought about our balance as humans. We may not even realize how off balance we are. We may be running but we are not running well. This can happen for many reasons. Imbalance in one area causes us to be off-balance in all the other areas.

  • Do you need more food that is nourishing to your specific body?
  • Are you lacking warm, positive relationships in your life?
  • Do you need to spend more time with the positive people in your life?
  • Are you struggling with bad habits that perpetually hold you back and leave you frustrated with yourself?
  • Has it been too long since you enjoyed one of your hobbies or creative outlets?
  • Do you feel distant from God and so are distancing yourself from prayer or Scripture?
  • Are financial troubles causing you stress?
  • Have news outlets, media, and current events drained you emotionally or left you angry and disillusioned?
  • Is there just too much on your plate right now?

Perhaps you are feeling off-balance. Or perhaps you are off-balance but haven’t taken the time to realize that’s what’s going on.

Take some time. Pray. Evaluate the different areas of your life. Figure out what’s going on and how you can achieve your balance once again. Like cars, we have many different aspects of ourselves. They all must be cared for and put into their proper place in order for us to live our fullest life.

How are you going to find balance in your life again?


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