The Gifts We Take for Granted.

I can’t sing right now. One day I woke up with a sore throat. It was coming and going, and then one night I realized my voice was hoarse. I could barely talk. I don’t talk a lot anyway, but the most difficult part is that I cannot sing.

This has been a difficult trial for me. Singing is something I do every day & sometimes


quite often in the day. Mass on Sunday was especially difficult, as I look forward to the music every Sunday and praising Him in song with my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. It is comforting to be reminded of truths about the Lord in song. I did have a revelation through this experience: I don’t believe I ever thanked God for my ability to sing! And what a gift it is! Once my voice is back to normal, I am going to remember to thank my Creator often for the ability to sing! I will never take this gift for granted again.

As you go about your day and encounter trials, remember how much more numerous are the gifts in your lives. There are very well many gifts that you take for granted. The gift of LIFE, for one! There are also the gift of your senses, your talents, your personality strengths, and so much more. Have you thanked God for them?


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