Listen to the Song.

Some of my very favorite songs are ones that I didn’t like the beginning of. I may have even skipped them for another song before I came back to listen fully and appreciate them. Then, when I came back and listened to them all the way through, I couldn’t stop listening. They are the songs I listen to on repeat now. I wonder, what if I had skipped them? I would have missed out on something beautiful.

What about the song of your life? Maybe it isn’t going the pace you like, and seems too slow. The silence at the beginning might be too much and you just want the tempo to pick up. Maybe you don’t see how the voices and all the parts are working together yet. The middle may not be what you expected. Perhaps you just want to skip to the end to see how it finishes.

My friends, we need to listen to the full song. Each part is working together to make the song a masterpiece. The beginning is only that-the beginning. There are many parts in between, and only taken as a whole can it be fully understood and appreciated. Keep waiting. Keep praying through each note and silence. Keep listening. Don’t skip ahead, because each part has something meaningful to offer and melds with the other parts.

He created you with a song that is only yours, and no one else’s. Your song is unrepeatable. Keep listening, my friend. The song isn’t over yet.


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