A Desert Season.

I feel like my Lord is leading me into the desert. The old routines and ways of life that I’ve followed for years will change. The daily circles that surround me will be different. It’s amazing how much we like to be comfortable as humans, and how difficult


it can be to truly embrace change. I’ve been aching for change and known that He’s leading me to new paths, but I didn’t realize how difficult it could be to change course. I didn’t realize how much struggle there would be interiorly. When I decided to surrender my life to Him, I didn’t know how unexpected the journey would be. Oh, yes, there are so many blessings! He provides over and beyond in every area of my life. Yet it is not at all what I ever expected. When push comes to shove, the newness will be uncomfortable. I will be challenged in every way. The only stability I can hold onto is my Jesus. And shouldn’t He be everything? How easily we humans become attached to people, places, and routines!

“The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” — Pope Benedict XVI

Jesus is our Shepherd. Not just any shepherd, either: He’s the Good Shepherd. As the priest at Mass reminded me today, a shepherd knows what is best for His sheep. The shepherd leads the sheep where they need to go and ensures that they are nourished and safe. I can trust, too, that He is leading me somewhere good. The Good Shepherd knows what is best for this little lamb of His–and for you, too!


Friend, don’t fear the desert season. He will be our Living Water and our nourishment in the desolation. He will lead us through the desert and sand. He will lead us exactly where we need to be. One day, we will find that we have made it out of the desert. We can trust that there will be abundant fruit after the desert. Follow His voice, and He will be with you all the way.


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