Help Women In Jordan In Need.

I’ve written before about the work done by Trades of Hope in Uganda and the USA. Today, I’m going to focus on the work done in Jordan. Jordan is a country in the Middle East, which is bordered on the west by Israel and the Dead Sea, on the north by Syria, on the east by Iraq, and on the south by Saudi Arabia.

Here are a few facts about Jordan:

  • Jordan is mostly desert plateau in east, a highland area in the west, with the Great Rift Valley separates eastern and western banks of the Jordan River.
  • Jordan is one of the world’s four most water-deficit countries. Due to scarce water supplies and drought, agricultural production is insufficient; Jordan must import a large quantity of their food.
  • Jordan is a country that many refugees have fled to and stay in, at least while they await a decision about being granted refugee status and being able to be permanently resettled in another country.

Many women in Jordan find themselves in difficult situations. Many of the women working in the Trades of Hope workshop in Jordan have been divorced, orphaned, or widowed and have struggled to provide for their family’s needs. Some are the wives of a husband with multiple wives, where the husband cannot sufficiently support each of his families. Women in this group are empowered to be able to provide for the basic needs of their families and the education of their children.

What do the women create? To recreate the look and feel of the sea glass, artisans use glass bottles from local hotels and restaurants that would otherwise be discarded. Then, they tumble it with water and sand from the Red Sea until it is smooth and resembles the beautiful pieces found in nature. Through the creation of these recycled products, they are now generating an income for their families. These women are so thankful for the opportunity they now have to be a part of this group, which has empowered them and changed their lives! Check out a picture of one of the pieces they make below this picture of a few of the artisans!

Women in Jordan//Courtesy of Trades of Hope


Sea glass necklace//Courtesy of Trades of Hope //size and color may vary based upon what glass is available to the women

This concludes my posts in this series! Here are previous posts:

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Remember, any purchase you make will assist in supporting the groups of women that I’ve written about! Purchases made in February will also go to help families in India have clean water! Thanks for your support of women around the world!



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