The Gratitude Groove

Lately, I’m trying to get into the “gratitude groove.” What’s that, you ask? To me, it’s a way of life in which I’m continually praising God. It’s the practice of remembering, every single day, to praise God for new blessings, and for those blessings that I experience every single day. There is one notable way that I put this into practice.

Every night before falling asleep, I make an effort to praise God for at least 10 things.

This practice is calming and puts life into perspective. No matter how stressful a day was, there are always things that we can praise God for. We can even be grateful for challenges, as these strengthen us and allow us to rely more on God. Even on the difficult days, blessings abound. There a few praises on my list that stay the same from day to day. (For example, my house, my car, my family, etc…) There are certain blessings that God has truly outdone Himself in. I don’t want to forget to praise God for these, even when they are a familiar part of my life. There are so many people that are desiring these very blessings.

I simply thank God for my blessings, but another way to practice gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal.

Photo by gabrielle cole on Unsplash

Gratitude actually has scientific research behind it, and it has been found to be positive for our mental health! Additionally, it can benefit your physical health. It can even help you sleep better. (And I believe that the practice of praising before bed has improved the quality of my sleep.) Practicing gratitude has even helped me have a closer relationship with God. In short, it’s a practice that I’ve only seen positive benefits from. I encourage you to try gratitude and watch how your life changes.

What benefits have you found from practicing gratitude?

Would you like to join me in the gratitude groove?

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

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  1. I have read this scientific research, too, and it’s awesome. I love when things we know are true from a spiritual perspective are backed up by science!
    I need to give this a try. It’s not a new concept to me, but I simply need to make the effort to do it.

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