Reflections on a Year of Good Health

(I’ll be posting more over the next month! Life has held many opportunities, and the blog fell by the wayside. I’ve missed writing, and there are quite a few random posts & thoughts that I’d like to share! I hope you’re all doing well! -Lianna)

This year, I didn’t get sick. (There was one day that I got home and felt really weak, and just needed to sleep. A long nap and taking it easy the rest of the day seemed to do the trick!) For me, a year without being sick is actually pretty amazing. The past few years, I was sick a lot. When I did get sick, it often also took quite a long time to fully recover. I wanted to share some reasons that I believe I was able to stay healthy in 2018! Perhaps you’re working toward better physical health and will be interested in reading. Only God knows all the reasons why I stayed healthy, but I believe that these factors definitely contributed:

  • Positivity. Within the past year, I’ve definitely been more intentional about the people I let into my life. Positive relationships have been such a blessing! I’m glad to
    Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

    be done with relationships that demean me and drain me. I’m a child of God, and so are you! We deserve relationships filled with joy and light. What’s the point in relationships that only bring frustration?

  • Gratitude. Our mental health and our physical health really are connected! I’m really focusing on the “bright side” of life and praising God instead of complaining! It has made such a positive difference in many ways. As you begin to live in gratitude, you’ll find it much easier to be grateful than to complain!
  • Balance. This actually goes along with positivity. I’ve worked jobs before that bring intense stress and little joy. Interestingly, I had to take many sicks days at those jobs. At this time, I’m blessed to have flexible jobs (with encouraging work environments) and to work part-time. It really makes a difference, physically and mentally! Especially since I live in a country that seems to promote workaholism, it’s refreshing to be able to live a more balanced life.
  • Purpose. I have a lot to stay healthy for! The positive relationships I mentioned above, my school program, personal interests, the people I serve in my job…God has gifted me with so much, and I’m excited to live His call on my life!
  • Clean diet. Now, I’m not going to say that I eat a “perfect” diet. Believe me, I don’t!
    Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

    However, I have found that as I began to eat in a more healthy way, my body craved nourishing foods, and I found unhealthy things less palatable. Most of the time, I’ve been able to stick to eating healthful foods.

  • Sleep. No matter how much is on my to-do list, sleep is always a priority! I can’t focus or do well without sleep. Sleep is vital to energizing and restoring the body.

Most of all, I’m grateful to GOD for keeping my body healthy & strong! Praise You, Lord!

What do you think are some keys to staying healthy?

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash


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