The Graces of 2018.

Each year, I find joy in reflecting on the year and what it has brought. This time around, I’m going to write about the special graces I received in 2018:

1.  A job that meets my unique needs and interests. I have a special career interest, and I felt the nudge to find positions focusing on that interest. I searched and prayed, and it didn’t take long to find. Within the first two weeks of the year, I obtained such a position! It’s a job that provides the flexibility/balance that I need in my life, as well as the ability to serve others while focusing on issues that I am passionate about. I’m so grateful to God for orchestrating this.

2. True friendship. I met new friends this year, while also seeing the continued blossoming of older friendships. I’m so grateful to have friends that stick “closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24) In the future, I look forward to continue deepening my newer friendships and building completely new friendships, while also continuing to build upon mature friendships. Friendship, true friendship based on love of Christ, is one of the greatest gifts that life offers.

3. Supernatural endurance. Before a particularly grueling semester, I received a word that the Lord was giving me “supernatural endurance.” Believe me, this He did! I took more credits than recommended for graduate students, while also working and keeping up with personal endeavors. I took classes throughout the entire year. I made it through this year, excelling in each area of my life. Praise God! Without His grace and strength, I never would have made it. 

Every day, the Lord is pouring out graces that we aren’t even aware of! I’m so thankful for every grace and blessing, those I am aware of and those I am not, and the ways that God showed His faithfulness in 2018!

Past Year-End Reflections:




Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

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