God is Creative.

One attribute of God that I’ve been pondering is creativity. I mean, the God Who can create a universe out of nothing has no limits to His ability to create! I’ve been so delighted to see the ways that my Heavenly Father has been creative in my life so far. I’m waiting expectantly to see other ways in which He’ll manifest His creativity!

The Lord can provide jobs and incomes in ways that don’t depend upon degrees or experience. (I have so many testimonies of this. I remember in particular, at a point in my life when I was short on money, I unexpectedly received a check due to being a consumer in a class action suit!)

The Lord can guide a man & woman to cross paths in a way that humans could never plan or expect. If He intends for two people to be together, He’ll make a way for them to meet, or to keep meeting if they didn’t get it the first time!

The Lord can create or reveal solutions to problems that we, as humans, could never contrive on our own. Our Creator can also take away a problem or dilemma so that it is no longer an issue.

These are only a few ways that the Lord can and does reveal His creative side! I can also see it in each human being, unrepeatable. No person in history has looked exactly the same as anyone else. Nature and all the climates, plants, foods, and creatures are another way in which this creativity shows up. What an amazing, artistic God!

Where have you seen evidence of God’s creativity in your life?

Photo by thom masat on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “God is Creative.”

  1. A great reminder for me right now. I can relate to: “The Lord can guide a man & woman to cross paths in a way that humans could never plan or expect.” Currently waiting on the Lord to reveal His will for a specific relationship/the future… He’s been creative the entire time!

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