I’m Published!

Dear readers, this announcement has been a long time coming! Around 3 years ago, I began to write a book. At the time, it was just thoughts that I began to write down and kept adding to. I’m excited to announce that, 3 years later, there’s a book!

A different story1 CS Updated 3DD

This book was birthed from my unexpected journey of being single for a longer period than expected. I write about the lessons I’ve learned, and how I came to a place of peace. I also write about steps to take to prepare for a healthy marriage. The book is aimed at Christian singles, especially those whom have been unmarried for longer than expected. I hope that all who read know that they are not alone in their journey!

The book can be purchased here. Writing the book helped me to realize that I desire for writing to be a part of my life forever! More books will be coming. Be assured that I’ll still be in this space, and probably more frequently!



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