Bracing for Answered Prayers!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Be careful what you pray for?” I have. And it’s something that I’ve been pondering and learning about firsthand! There are times in life which make us long for something else. There are all kinds of things we long for and pray for. A marriage partner. A baby (or another baby). The ability to buy a house in a great neighborhood. A new job, or a promotion within the company. A vacation. Sometimes in our deepest longings, we forget that the answer to our prayer will have consequences! Answered prayers shake life up. When we have a prayer answered, it means that we are losing something, even if it’s the loss of a season in our life.

Last year, my prayer was for stability. And boy, was that prayer ever answered! (Think about lockdowns and working from home all year long…Definitely stability.) I needed it. Yet, there came a point when things became so stable that I prayed for change. In 2021, my prayer has been for change and movement in various areas of my life. 2019 and the years before led me to pray for stability in 2020. Then, the stability of 2020 drove me to pray for change in 2021!

I’m beginning to see the fruits of my prayers for change. Some of the prayers haven’t manifested in reality yet, but there is movement and I can see that God is working on it. But with those prayers being answered, there will necessarily be loss. Some of the answered prayers are causing (and will cause) a lifestyle shift. We need change in order to grow in life. These answered prayers are challenging me, but I am ready to move into the next chapter of my life. Throughout all of this, the question comes to my mind before I pray: Am I really ready for this prayer to be answered? Am I ready for all the changes and losses that this prayer being answered will bring? It’s something to ponder. Sometimes the tension and challenges of a current season lead us to forget the blessings present there. Sometimes our longings lead us to discount what we truly have in the present!

So, pray and brace yourself. Answered prayers are coming, but they are going to bring loss. They are going to bring a shaking to your life. They will challenge you in new ways, but they will also bring new blessings. Get ready!

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