Reflecting on 2021.

Every year, I attempt to write a reflection on the year which is exiting as I prepare for a new year. So, without further ado, here is a quick reflection on 2021.

What I’ve learned throughout these past 2 years is that having Christ is having everything. He provides for every need. In the midst of chaos and loss of reason in the world, He is everything. He is Reason. He is Love. He is Hope. He is Peace and Calm. Every day, I am thankful for Him. As I turn off the news more and more, I’m tuning in more to Him. And as I do that, I realize that there’s no other voice I’d rather listen to. Moving forward into 2022, my goal is to listen to Him more and to bask in the love He gives. I want to be walking in step together. Not walking ahead of Jesus, nor behind Him. Our steps in sync with one another.

For both you and me, Christ has stored up amazing treasures for the year ahead. There were treasures to be found this year of 2021, too. For me, there were countless answered prayers in every area of my life. I learned not to be discouraged when I had been praying for years; it truly is about timing! Through all the possibilities of 2021, I was reminded that Christ will remain, even if all other things are taken away. Again, having Him is having everything. I sit here in gratitude for the gifts of 2021, ready to move forward into the completely new chapter of 2022!

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