Singles: Thrive in 2022!

Dear single Christian: I know that you might be feeling ambivalent about this new year. Maybe there are many things you’re looking forward to this year, or wonderful things that happened in 2021. But going into yet another new year as a solo person might not have crossed your mind. Maybe being single is not what you want. I understand that being a single person is really hard in this world–even when you have God on your side! Society is built for couples and families, a fact that is quite evident to those living as singles. Years of being a single person really opened my eyes to that. I pray that some of these ideas will resonate with you as you discover ways to continue to live an amazing life, realizing that life doesn’t began with a relationship or a marriage! Life has already begun. So, let’s live joyful lives filled with purpose!

  1. Find a loving church. It’s so important to be rooted in a loving, welcoming church. Some churches may not have a lot going on for single people. Even if a church doesn’t have a specific ministry for singles, find a church where you feel at home and can build community at and grow spiritually at. This brings me to my next point.
  2. Deepen and grow your community. Positive community is necessary for human beings at any stage of life. However, for single people, there is an extra layer of importance. Who can you call in times of need? Who do you have to pray for you? Practical needs, such as help when sick or when you don’t have transportation, are two areas that I can think of off the top of my head that singles may not easily have. Yet there are other areas that you may have discovered where you can use more support. Pray for helpers in those areas.
  3. Find new adventures. Whether it be a new park in your area or just out of your area, or visiting a country or state you’ve never been to, give it a try! Bringing another single friend along can be a great way to make it even better. Sometimes adventure can be found at home by trying ethnic recipes or watching movies about other places.
  4. Adopt a pet. Not everyone is an animal person, and having a pet is a lot of added responsibility. But I know many singles who have found great enjoyment and purpose through pet ownership. For years, I have found joy in owning cats. There’s someone to keep you company, and an added sense of meaning to life as it gives you someone to care for. And I’d venture that most pets will care about you in return (even though they can’t show it in the same way as a human–being greeted by tail wags and purrs is pretty great, though!).
  5. Serve. God has empowered you with a set of gifts that are unrepeatable and for a specific purpose. There is so much pain and hurt in this world. You are part of the solution. How is God asking you to serve? Who is God asking you to serve?
  6. Leave room. Don’t stuff your schedule or your expectations so much that there’s no room for change, spontaneity, or even rest. Leave room for random adventures, prayer time, time to stop by a friend’s home, or to decide to pursue a new hobby. Leave room to take a nap–and no, I’m not kidding. Take that nap if you need it! Most of all, remember that your time is actually God’s time. Each day that you’ve been given is a gift!

So, amazing Christian single person, keep at it! You are unrepeatable. You are loved deeply! You are not defined by your relationship status as you begin a new year–or ever. Lean into God as you pursue His will for your life. In every unexpected, hoped-for, and crazy twist and turn, your Creator is there for you!

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