God Is In All The Details!

An aspect of God that delights me is how detail-oriented He is. In every area of our lives, He truly does care about and coordinate so many details! There are many stories from my own life about this. Today, I’m writing about a story of…A cat!

One evening last year as I walked out of church into the parking lot, I heard a reeeeeooooow! A cat! And it didn’t sound happy. I couldn’t see where it was, but then a little blob of black fur ran out from under a car. Thankfully, none of the cars in the lot were in motion. I sat down on the curb, and within moments, the kitten was nuzzling up to me and happily staying by my side. This was a conondrum. I couldn’t leave this little kitten to be hit by a car or starve. I already have an adult cat, a cat who doesn’t tend to be too keen on other cats invading his territory. And this was not a good time for me to be acclimating two cats to one another–I was going to leave town within days. The shelters were closed at that time of night. What was I to do? Well, other people were entering the church for other events. I inquired with a few people about whether they would want to adopt him. And a lady named Jana* (name changed) picked up that little kitten and held him for a moment, telling me that she had been hoping to adopt a cat soon, but that she was going in for choir practice. We exchanged numbers, and off I went home with the little black kitten. (Ok, he wasn’t that little, but he definitely wasn’t big, either! He’s the one pictured in this post, if you want to know how big he was.)

When I prepared to adopt a cat a long time ago, I had purchased the usual: food and water bowls, a litter box, a bed, and toys. Well, it turned out that the cat I adopted came from another home, and came with everything! So, double of each cat item had been sitting around my house for quite a long time. I never got around to selling them or giving them away. Well, that actually turned out to be God’s providence. Because when Jana came over to my apartment later that night, she had nothing but an open heart, ready to love on our furry little friend. She left my apartment with the kitten and the basic supplies she’d need to start him out. My heart was full, knowing that I possibly rescued the little guy from being hit by a car or having some other tragedy fall upon him.

There are a lot of details in this story that God worked out:

God knew the soft spot I have in my heart for black cats, and how they tend to be adopted less and part of many negative stereotypes. That love for black cats gave me a greater concern for the little guy. A lady with a black cat keychain also came to the lot at the same time I was there and encouraged me to help him out, reminding me of how easily he could get hit by a car and how much people do not like black cats. Also, the fact that two black cat aficionados just happened to be there at the same time is a testament to God’s love for details!

Another detail is the fact that I had double cat items sitting around my house, ready to be used! As well as the fact that I so easily found someone interested in taking him in (who had been planning to adopt a cat in the near future anyway).

If you’re wondering why your prayers aren’t being answered, or why something in your life isn’t working out how you planned, maybe it’s because God is working on a lot of details that you aren’t aware of. Maybe you feel like you’ve lived a pretty mundane life, but maybe what you’ve lived so far has prepared the way for an amazing, very detailed happening! God is in the details. And you, and every aspect of your life, matters to Him!

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