The Open Bible

I sat at my kitchen table and opened my Bible to search for a specific passage. That was months ago. That same Bible has remained open on the kitchen table ever since. I remember hearing about families from decades ago who would have a Bible sitting on their coffee table, in full sight (in fact, certain people in my family still do this). The Bible became a central part of the room/home, and let others know that this family follows Jesus. In some small way, this is my way of doing that same thing. Having that Bible open on the kitchen table is inviting. It makes it so much easier to simply read the Bible! It has even allowed me to unpack the scriptures with others, when friends come over and I look up particular scripture verses related to their situations. I know that there is so much power in the Holy Bible, and I’m glad that power sits right under my nose every time I sit down to eat a meal or to do some work!

Are you also someone who struggles with staying consistent with Bible reading? I definitely recommend leaving the Bible open somewhere you will see it often. Perhaps this will also change your life and lead to more time reading the Scriptures!

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