Prayer is the Bridge.

Recently, I was thinking about certain desires planted in my heart. Some of those things seem unattainable for my life circumstances right now. I would think about them without really praying about them, believing that they weren’t possible at this moment. Then, it struck me: as a child of God, why am I having these types of thoughts? Some of the very same people who attained these things also believed that they were unattainable for them, but yet they are living in the reality of those things in their lives! There is a bridge which will take me to those dreams becoming reality in my life. The bridge is prayer.

Sometimes, the bridge is smaller. There are times when we will utter a prayer, and the prayer will get answered very quickly. The bridge seems like a small hop to the answer. Other times, we continue walking that prayer bridge, seeing many sights along the way as we prepare in faith to reach the other side. And the other side, the answered prayer, is far off in the distance. I’m not sure how long I’ll be praying for some of these dreams. But I do know that God is a God the impossible. And I do know that He is the God of bridging the places where we are now to the places that He desires us to be.

Let prayer bridge the gap.

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