From Strength to Strength.

Sheer determination (which I believe God placed in me at birth) has empowered me to achieve many goals and overcome many obstacles. Where my physical size appears to lack, my determination and persistence comes in strong. As I've gone through more and different trials, I've had to learn new forms of strength. It's almost like strength training.... Continue Reading →

I’m Published!

Dear readers, this announcement has been a long time coming! Around 3 years ago, I began to write a book. At the time, it was just thoughts that I began to write down and kept adding to. I'm excited to announce that, 3 years later, there's a book! This book was birthed from my unexpected... Continue Reading →

This is an Opportunity.

The world is collectively suffering right now. Some areas more than others, or in different ways than others. There is panic. I don't think I need to mention why, because we probably hear the word 100 hundred times a day already. It incites anxiety, fear, and maybe depression. It leads many to look out for... Continue Reading →

Their Prayers Gave Me a Push!

Huge changes and decisions were on the horizon. They had been decisions which had been coming for a long time, but were still a struggle to make. Even the wonderful things in life can cause stress, uncertainty, and questioning. People whom I hadn't spoken to in years emailed and called me. "Hey Lianna, how's it... Continue Reading →

2020: Here We Come!

2019 has just a few hours left. I tend to go into a reflective mode at the end of the year. I've journaled and processed the happenings and the triumph of God in my life in 2019. I've written down my hopes and dreams for 2020. Now, I'm set for the year to begin. Rarely... Continue Reading →

A New Endeavor.

This year has been an incredible year for me! There has been so much transformation in my life in the past 1-2 years. I'm amazed, looking back on all that has transpired. Thank You, Holy Spirit! This year, the Lord has been clear about a new direction to take in my life. It's been a... Continue Reading →

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