I’m Not Suited for This Cross.

"I'm not a good candidate to carry this cross." I told God one day. It just didn't make sense anymore. I was thinking that maybe the good Lord could have allowed someone who really wanted to be single to shoulder this burden. There's simply nothing about me or my background that would make me a… Continue reading I’m Not Suited for This Cross.


We Can’t Run Alone.

On this winding, unexpected, joyful, tumultous journey of life, I've realized that it simply isn't possible to do this journey alone. More importantly, it's crucial to closely examine those on the journey with you. Having the "right" people to run the race with you can make a difference in how far you can get ahead--as… Continue reading We Can’t Run Alone.


From Strength to Strength.

Sheer determination (which I believe God placed in me at birth) has empowered me to achieve many goals and overcome many obstacles. Where my physical size appears to lack, my determination and persistence comes in strong. As I've gone through more and different trials, I've had to learn new forms of strength. It's almost like… Continue reading From Strength to Strength.


His Great Plans

There was a time recently when I had some rocky days. A certain aspect of my life was not going as planned. My expectations had been high, as similar situations had gone quite smoothly in the past. I wondered what this might mean for my future.  I began to question if I needed to change… Continue reading His Great Plans

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Mental Health Series Pt. I: Relationships.

For the sake of this series, we will define mental health as including: "emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices." (Definition taken from: https://www.mentalhealth.gov/basics/what-is-mental-health/index.html) We are all a part of one another and can't exist except… Continue reading Mental Health Series Pt. I: Relationships.


Christian=Spared From Troubles?

Did you ever think being a Christian would make your life...easier? I think a lot of Christians are in that boat. We think (even subconciously) that knowing Jesus and the truth about salvation will make this earthly life a breeze. It is true that knowing our Savior and the waves of grace makes life manageable, and… Continue reading Christian=Spared From Troubles?


Pondering Strength.

Strength isn't built overnight. It comes through weathering stormy seasons and emerging after you didn't think it was possible. It is like building muscle. You can't build muscle unless you are consistently working out and even gradually moving up to more difficult workouts or higher weights. You build strength by weathering small and large storms.… Continue reading Pondering Strength.


A Desert Season.

I feel like my Lord is leading me into the desert. The old routines and ways of life that I've followed for years will change. The daily circles that surround me will be different. It's amazing how much we like to be comfortable as humans, and how difficult it can be to truly embrace change. I've… Continue reading A Desert Season.


Live Courageously.

The United States of America is entering a new chapter. For actually a few years, I have had the sense that the United States was going to enter a time of difficulty. I believe that the time of difficulty has now begun. Recent events have thrown my workplace into upheaval. Really, the entire country and,… Continue reading Live Courageously.