Eternal, Life-Revolutionizing Friendships.

Being someone who tends to struggle with technology, I'm thankful to have some family and friends whom I can call upon when having struggles with these things. A friend who I'll call "R." recently helped me figure out something with my phone, a feature that I didn't think my phone had. And yet, it did!… Continue reading Eternal, Life-Revolutionizing Friendships.


Showing the World What “Christian” Means.

Throughout history, there are people who have given Christians a bad name. In the name of Christ or the Church, people have hurt and killed. People have wounded hearts by professing to live as a Christian, yet not following the way Christ showed us to live. Due to these incidents and society's refusal to realize… Continue reading Showing the World What “Christian” Means.

Series: Mental Health

Mental Health Series Pt. IV: Higher Education.

Certain cultures (especially parents within a culture) tend to place immense pressure on students regarding the issue of their education. From the time a child is young, it is drilled into them that they absolutely must succeed in school. The child pours themselves into their studies from the time they are very small. They graduate… Continue reading Mental Health Series Pt. IV: Higher Education.


Dehydration and Jesus Christ.

Dehydration is a dangerous state for the body. Lately, there have been periods where I didn't drink enough water as I should. Consequently, I couldn't function at my optimum level: fatigue followed me, and headaches. I learned how vital it is to my functioning to drink enough water.  Forgetting to do so was detrimental. Jesus… Continue reading Dehydration and Jesus Christ.