Battling Insomnia & Getting a Good Night’s Sleep.

Lately I've heard many people mention their inability to sleep at night. This is a frustrating problem! Sleep is crucial to our physical and mental well-being, as well as our ability to fulfill our daily tasks. Insomnia isn't normally something I struggle with, but unfortunately I've also had my recent bouts of it. There are... Continue Reading →


Mental Health Series Pt. III: Faith and Mental Health.

Faith can be a huge help when it comes to mental health struggles. In fact, it has been shown that faith can have a positive impact on mental health and on reducing anxious or depressive symptoms! Faith can also assist you in thinking positively, since faith gives us hope. We know that faith enriches our lives... Continue Reading →

A Prayer to End the Day

Have you ever hoped to find a prayer that brought all the elements of the day together?  I would definitely suggest the Examen! This prayer helps you to review the day by seeing God in all the happenings, finding forgiveness for failings, and discovering the attitude of gratitude. This prayer has been immensely helpful to me... Continue Reading →

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