A Testimony: From Loneliness to Overflow.

(I've been feeling pulled to share this and believe that someone needs to read this!) In so many ways, my life is a testament to God's healing power and redemption. There is one particular area which I'll share on in-depth in this post, and that is the relationship area of my life. During my middle… Continue reading A Testimony: From Loneliness to Overflow.


Their Prayers Gave Me a Push!

Huge changes and decisions were on the horizon. They had been decisions which had been coming for a long time, but were still a struggle to make. Even the wonderful things in life can cause stress, uncertainty, and questioning. People whom I hadn't spoken to in years emailed and called me. "Hey Lianna, how's it… Continue reading Their Prayers Gave Me a Push!


Small Obedience

Today I learned, once again, the fruits of small acts of obeying the Lord. I felt Him tell me to go to a different church this morning. I had no idea why. I had been to that particular church before, but I'm not really impressed by the music. (I'm just being totally honest here!) I thought… Continue reading Small Obedience


Why I’m Cutting Down on Social Media.

I'm a person who really enjoys being connected with others. I thrive on having an active social life. While social media is a way to stay connected, I've found that I prefer other ways. There is a certain app which I used to use, which connected me with friends, family, and people from the across the… Continue reading Why I’m Cutting Down on Social Media.


Sunflower Sojourn Turns 5!

Sunflower Sojourn turns 5 today! Dear reader, I could never have fathomed what God would do in my life in 5 years! I'm in a completely different place than I could have ever imagined back when the idea for the blog came to me. Over and over again, the Lord has proved Himself faithful! I'm… Continue reading Sunflower Sojourn Turns 5!


Showing the World What “Christian” Means.

Throughout history, there are people who have given Christians a bad name. In the name of Christ or the Church, people have hurt and killed. People have wounded hearts by professing to live as a Christian, yet not following the way Christ showed us to live. Due to these incidents and society's refusal to realize… Continue reading Showing the World What “Christian” Means.


Be Still.

"Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:13-14 A year ago today, God walked me into a miracle. More like, the Holy Spirit escorted me through… Continue reading Be Still.


Thoughts on Thoughtfulness.

Each day, I see evidence of our Heavenly Father's thoughtfulness. Even when there are difficulties, He provides solace and blessings in the midst of those difficulties. Every single day, He is sending us "gifts" that reveal His great love toward us. Are we paying attention?  In my life currently, one of these pieces of evidence is… Continue reading Thoughts on Thoughtfulness.


The Power of Being Welcomed.

Recently I moved to a city that I knew very little about. It's truly been a seamless transition, and I've actually forgotten that I've lived here for such a short time. What has made it such a seamless and easy transition, you ask? I have been welcomed with open arms. One great source of welcome… Continue reading The Power of Being Welcomed.

Series: Mental Health

Mental Health Series Pt. III: Faith and Mental Health.

Faith can be a huge help when it comes to mental health struggles. In fact, it has been shown that faith can have a positive impact on mental health and on reducing anxious or depressive symptoms! Faith can also assist you in thinking positively, since faith gives us hope. We know that faith enriches our lives… Continue reading Mental Health Series Pt. III: Faith and Mental Health.