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Upcoming Series: Mental Health

Hello, my dear readers!

As some of you know, I am attending school to become a counselor. Through my own life experiences and career experiences, my eyes have been opened to the great need for discussions and more knowledge about mental health. I am disappointed to see the stigma that exists around mental health, even in the year 2017. Counseling is still viewed by some as something for crazy or “messed up” people. For some, mental health has a negative connotation and is equated with shame.

I want to play a part in helping to break free of the stigma of mental health! Jesus came that we would have life to the full! (John 10:10) Our mental health is an important aspect of living an abundant life, and living life to the full.

I hope to bring awareness of the importance of mental health and how it affects us all! I pray that all may take steps to improved mental health and never be ashamed to ask for help when they are struggling!

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash


I will be posting one post a week for the series. I am not sure yet how long the series will last. How many posts will depend on the demand of topics. Here is what I plan to cover so far:

-Counseling and mental health

-Food and mental health

-Relationships and mental health

-Faith and mental health

Are there any other topics you would like to see related to mental health? Don’t be shy! I want to write what YOU are interested in reading!

Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on Unsplash

Dehydration and Jesus Christ.

Dehydration is a dangerous state for the body. Lately, there have been periods where I didn’t drink enough water as I should. Consequently, I couldn’t function at my optimum level: fatigue followed me, and headaches. I learned how vital it is to my functioning to drink enough water.  Forgetting to do so was detrimental.

Jesus called Himself the “Living Water.”  I don’t believe it’s coincidence that the human body is made up of so much water and that our Savior called Himself this. He said that “whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; the water


that I shall give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:14)

Have you ever been really, really thirsty? Until that thirst is quenched, it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything else. Finding water becomes the sole mission. Once you take a drink, you can’t believe how refreshed you are and just can’t seem to get enough. I believe the experience of physical thirst should teach us about thirsting for Christ. We must seek Christ as we would seek water. And, we must seek more of Him. Without Jesus Christ, we are not living our lives fully. I venture that living without Christ is like living life muted. Jesus brings life, refreshment & abundance.

Seek Jesus, the Living Water, and never thirst again. The Living Water will give you a spring of water that will well up into life for eternity!



Air, Tires, and Balance.

Today I went to fill my car’s tires with air. The temperature around here has fluctuated a lot, which can cause changes in tire pressure. The optimal

unsplash.com (not my car!)

measurement of my tires (PSI) is 32. Each tire was off by about 5 PSI. I was shocked when I came to the last one. The starting measurement was 12–20 points off where it should have been! All sorts of problems can happen when tire pressure is off. The way in which the tires drive becomes imbalanced, which can cause uneven wear on tires. It can affect gas mileage, causing you to spend more money and pollute the environment even more. In a bad case, it can even cause a tire blowout. This would be very dangerous. (Thank You, God, that I could fill all my tires today & hopefully avoid some sort of accident or adverse affect.)

I thought about our balance as humans. We may not even realize how off balance we are. We may be running but we are not running well. This can happen for many reasons. Imbalance in one area causes us to be off-balance in all the other areas.

  • Do you need more food that is nourishing to your specific body?
  • Are you lacking warm, positive relationships in your life?
  • Do you need to spend more time with the positive people in your life?
  • Are you struggling with bad habits that perpetually hold you back and leave you frustrated with yourself?
  • Has it been too long since you enjoyed one of your hobbies or creative outlets?
  • Do you feel distant from God and so are distancing yourself from prayer or Scripture?
  • Are financial troubles causing you stress?
  • Have news outlets, media, and current events drained you emotionally or left you angry and disillusioned?
  • Is there just too much on your plate right now?

Perhaps you are feeling off-balance. Or perhaps you are off-balance but haven’t taken the time to realize that’s what’s going on.

Take some time. Pray. Evaluate the different areas of your life. Figure out what’s going on and how you can achieve your balance once again. Like cars, we have many different aspects of ourselves. They all must be cared for and put into their proper place in order for us to live our fullest life.

How are you going to find balance in your life again?


7 Quick Takes-Staying Healthy & Praying for Peace

I decided to hop on the 7 Quick Takes bandwagon this week! It will probably not be every week, but I’m happy to share with you some thoughts about staying healthy, peace, and Christmas this Friday!

1. Today was my last day of work–I’ll be off all of next week and able to celebrate Christmas with my family! What a gift that will be. I’m ready to re-charge my batteries and spend quality time with people I love, while also celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! I hope that you are also able to have some time re-charge, and most of all, simply reflect on Christ!

2. I am loving the On Guard® blend! doterra on guard (photo copyright of

Each morning I’ve been rubbing a little on before work. It smells so pleasant, being a blend of wild orange, cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary! It’s very soothing, along with its powerful immune-system boosting properties. I credit it (along with other factors) with helping me stay healthy–it seems that nearly everyone at my office have battled sickness, but I’m still standing strong! (Thank You, God!)

3. It’s difficult to eat healthy around the holidays. It seems that celebration always = a lot of sugar. Excess sugar is not good for your immune system. Remember, moderation is key! Being careful about your sugar intake can help keep your immune system strong. Also, drink lots of water with sweets–it will help clear out the sugar from your system.

4. Look for the next post in my wellness series this weekend! It will focus on mental/emotional wellness. I posted the spiritual wellness post earlier in the week. The physical wellness post will come after Christmas. I hope that this series, though the posts may seem basic in some aspects, can help people live a life of greater wellness!

5. Pray, pray for the world, my friends. Fast if you can. There is so much violence and hatred. I’m not going to link to any news stories, because I’m sure you’ve heard some of them. It is more important now than ever that we turn to prayer. We cannot change hearts; only God can. Trust that by your prayers you are helping to bring about peace in some way.

6.  Personally, I like the peace prayer of St. Francis. Gandhi wisely quipped that we should, “become the change you wish to see in the world.” By being people that carry Christ in our hearts to the world, we can help to bring about greater peace. Create a sanctuary of peace in your heart, a manger, that always holds Christ. In this way, you will bring His peace to those around you.


7. Are you ready for Christmas? It is coming so quickly! More than ever, this world needs our Savior! As you wrap gifts and sign cards, don’t forget to make room in your heart for Him. After all, the birth of Baby Jesus is what we celebrate!