The Power of Being Welcomed.

Recently I moved to a city that I knew very little about. It's truly been a seamless transition, and I've actually forgotten that I've lived here for such a short time. What has made it such a seamless and easy transition, you ask? I have been welcomed with open arms. One great source of welcome… Continue reading The Power of Being Welcomed.


Kindness Heals.

All I can say is that this has been a rough week. Sunday I sat in the car shop for 6 hours after church and paid over $300, a very unanticipated expense. Another unexpected event happened that evening that knocked me off balance and involved a dear friend. Not to mention I am perpetually feeling… Continue reading Kindness Heals.


Be Kind to Yourself.

There are times when we focus so much on serving others that we neglect ourselves.  Jesus never told us to serve others and forget about ourselves. How can you show love to others if you don't love yourself? If your "tank" is empty, how can you fill others? Guard your time with God and make sure… Continue reading Be Kind to Yourself.