A Compliment About Silver Hair

"You are going to be a beautiful silver-haired old lady." I received this very strange compliment years ago. Actually, this was when I was a young teenager. I have no idea what provoked it. But it has stuck with me for all these years, and I will take it. Perhaps it will prove to be… Continue reading A Compliment About Silver Hair


It’s All About Moments.

Life is made up of moments. Some people don't give much power to a moment. "It's only one." This gives them an excuse to create destructive habits or to live life without intention or purpose. Each moment is adding up to a future, whether we realize it or not. It is moments that change our… Continue reading It’s All About Moments.


Taking Life As a Journey

Life is truly a fleeting journey, a temporary sojourn. God is teaching me not to speed through it. Too many times, we are stuck waiting.┬áInstead of savoring the season of life we are in and finding the gems in our lives every day, we simply wait.┬áIt's not until this or that happens that we feel… Continue reading Taking Life As a Journey