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It’s All About Moments.

Life is made up of moments. Some people don’t give much power to a moment. “It’s only one.” This gives them an excuse to create destructive habits or to live life without intention or purpose. Each moment is adding up to a future, whether we realize it or not. It is moments that change our lives!

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
  • Moments of choosing to believe lies from the Enemy or the lies that others have told us about ourselves.
  • Moments of choosing to love when you don’t “feel like it.”
  • The moment you choose to respond with peace instead of losing your temper.
    Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash
  • The moment you meet your spouse, whether something dramatic takes place within you or not.
  • The moment when your child is placed into your arms for the very first time.
  • The moment you forgive and let go of what happened years ago, or even a few months ago. You release yourself and release that person.
  • A moment in which you choose to communicate with the other person rather than assume the worst about their motives.
  • The moment a person chooses to reach for the phone and seek authentic relationship instead of porn, alcohol, or drugs.
  • The moment your perspective forever changes due to an experience or a sickness that could have taken your life–but you’re still here.
  • The moment in which you choose love over fear.

It is in each moment that we choose to become a lesser version of ourselves, or to become the image that our Creator had in mind when He lovingly molded us in our mother’s womb.

Moments are what add up to make a life! Be open to each moment and what it has to teach you. Live each moment fully present. God is working through all of them. And in the moments you never expect, He will do miracles!

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Taking Life As a Journey

Life is truly a fleeting journey, a temporary sojourn. God is teaching me not to speed through it.

Too many times, we are stuck waiting. Instead of savoring the season of life we are in and finding the gems in our lives every day, we simply wait. It’s not until this or that happens that we feel we can start living. This is not true; every single moment of our lives is an absolute gift. Not a single moment of life is wasted or should be rushed through.


Lately God has had an interesting way to show me not to speed through life, or on the road. It’s stunning how many times I’ve found myself in front of a police car, reaching a four-way intersection at the same time as a police car, or seeing the sheriff sneakily parked on the side of the highway without lights at night. I’m convinced that God isn’t only trying to remind not to speed in the car. Waiting has been a huge theme in my life the past few years. God is trying to teach me to enjoy the scenery and whatever is right in front of me, not so determined on reaching my destination quickly.

Praise God for these lessons, however the Lord manages to impart them to us! I’m loving each beautiful moment and step on this path He’s laid out for me, though I sometimes don’t understand the routes He’s plotted out. His ways are better than my ways, that’s for sure! I’m sitting back and enjoying the scenery and precious moments that otherwise I would speed through.