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Support USA Survivors of Human Trafficking

Did you know that human trafficking is prevalent in the United States? Yes–you read that right! Human trafficking is an atrocity that happens everywhere, and even in developed countries like the USA.

  • Experts indicated in 2010 that there were currently at least 100,000 child victims of sex trafficking in the United States while upwards of 325,000 remain at risk.
  • In 2016, Human trafficking in the United States rose 35.7 percent from the previous year, according to data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Clearly, this is a huge problem! The good news: you can help! I’m partnering with my friend Hannah and Trades of Hope this month. Your purchase will go toward helping women rescued out of human trafficking in the USA. Bonus: in February, proceeds will also go toward helping families in India have clean water!

Trades of Hope works with two American co-ops: one based in Los Angeles helping women leave industries of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, another based in Tennessee that offers sustainable jobs to women who have survived lives of violence, prostitution and addiction. These groups provide different forms of housing, food, dental, medical, therapy, education and job training so these women can build a brighter future for themselves. When women come into this group, they are offered the resources needed to go through recovery, heal from childhood wounds, and get physically healthy. Creating products is a beautiful part of that process that helps them also make an income while they heal. The co-ops create jewelry and body products.

Shana (middle) is one of the women who escaped a life of trafficking and now works for the Tennessee co-op as a sales rep for the body product line. Courtesy of Trades of Hope.

Here are a few of the products available, created with love and hope by the women employed in the USA co-ops:

Love Heals set, created by women in the Tennessee co-op//Courtesy of Trades of Hope


new leaf earrings
New Leaf earrings//Courtesy of Trades of Hope


Are you interested in helping not only the women rescued from human trafficking in the USA, but also helping families in India have clean water? Head on over to Trades of Hope! 

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Next: I will be blogging about the work of Trades of Hope in Jordan!


National Freedom Day.

Today, February 1st, is National Freedom Day. This is the day that we celebrate President Abraham Lincoln signing a joint resolution of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, which would end slavery in the U.S.

Yet slavery still remains all over the world, hidden and in places you wouldn’t think. There are different types of slavery, but today I want to bring attention to the horrific reality of children enslaved in sex trafficking-and an organization that is doing something about it.

About 2 million children are exploited every year worldwide in the commercial sex trade.

Today, I want to highlight an organization called Remember Nhu, which seeks to prevent child sex trafficking. I first heard about them because their founder is local to my area. I’ve fallen in love with the work they do & how they keep Christ at the center of their mission.

sweet boys.jpg
Remember Nhu
  • They run homes for children, taking them out of situations that put them at-risk for being sold into sex slavery & placing them in homes with loving, nurturing house parents from their own country. Currently they are running 70 homes in 12 countries, and hoping to expand!
  • They have opportunities to sponsor a child (different levels of sponsorship for different budgets), which helps to cover basic expenses and more. Sponsors also act as a sort of spiritual parent and cover their sponsored child(ren) in prayer.
  • They provide education, and eventually vocational training. This gives the children/young adults marketable skills which can ensure they stay out of the sex trade and are not exploited with other types of labor.
  • One of my favorite parts of their story? The founder’s heart was stirred upon hearing the story of a young girl named Nhu, who had been sold to an older man. She was sold twice, the first time at age 12. Remember Nhu’s founder took six trips to Cambodia, and was finally able to meet Nhu! Nhu is now a grown woman, and last year was happily married! The founder walked her down the aisle.

    Remember Nhu–Nhu on her wedding day! A beautiful story of God’s abundant grace & healing.

Are you ready to help with this great mission? Head over to their website to learn more! You can also simply donate. Let’s cover these sweet children & all who work with them in prayer today & every day! Do not forget to pray for victims of human trafficking; it’s more prevalent than you might think!

courtesy of Remember Nhu