Single Sundays Repost

(5 years ago now, I wrote a series of posts on this blog called "Single Sundays in February." 5 years later, I still have a passion to reach out to single people. Even within the Church, many single people left out or misunderstood. With the coming of Valentine's Day (which has been secularized, and is… Continue reading Single Sundays Repost


Singles: Thrive in 2022!

Dear single Christian: I know that you might be feeling ambivalent about this new year. Maybe there are many things you're looking forward to this year, or wonderful things that happened in 2021. But going into yet another new year as a solo person might not have crossed your mind. Maybe being single is not… Continue reading Singles: Thrive in 2022!


I’m Not Suited for This Cross.

"I'm not a good candidate to carry this cross." I told God one day. It just didn't make sense anymore. I was thinking that maybe the good Lord could have allowed someone who really wanted to be single to shoulder this burden. There's simply nothing about me or my background that would make me a… Continue reading I’m Not Suited for This Cross.


We Can’t Run Alone.

On this winding, unexpected, joyful, tumultous journey of life, I've realized that it simply isn't possible to do this journey alone. More importantly, it's crucial to closely examine those on the journey with you. Having the "right" people to run the race with you can make a difference in how far you can get ahead--as… Continue reading We Can’t Run Alone.


Marriage Won’t End Your Problems.

(This is a repost from my old blog for single women. A pandemic and isolation that has lasted almost a year long, St. Valentine's Day recently coming and going, and the winter blues can definitely add up for singles and lead to even more rumination about singleness and the hoped for end of it. This… Continue reading Marriage Won’t End Your Problems.


Single Women’s Prayer Partner Ministry.

Last year, I started a ministry for single Christian women. I saw that this is a large population, but it did not seem that there was much which focused on their unique needs. So far, there has been much success in creating deep friendships based on Christ and educating and encouraging women on their life… Continue reading Single Women’s Prayer Partner Ministry.


Who Are You?

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been… Continue reading Who Are You?

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Lessons I’ve Learned About Dating/Courtship in My 20’s.

As I inch very close to turning 30, I've been reflecting about what I've learned about dating and relationships in my 20's. It's been quite a journey! I only want the person God has for me from now on--and no one else! Perhaps you're trying to figure out this whole get to marriage thing, too?… Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned About Dating/Courtship in My 20’s.


Advent & Looking to Mary.

Today marks the beginning of Advent. Like other Jews, Mary (mother of Jesus) longed for the fulfillment of the prophecies promising a Savior to Israel. (Never could she have imagined, even in her wildest dreams, that she would be the one to bring Him into the world!) In my life, I'm (still) waiting for the fulfillment… Continue reading Advent & Looking to Mary.