The Best Place to Be.

I was restless. There were so many things bopping around in my mind. I had free time, but I didn't know where to start. There are a lot of projects on my plate right now, but I wasn't sure how to prioritize them. Pray. That's what came to my mind to do. So I sat... Continue Reading →

Small Obedience

Today I learned, once again, the fruits of small acts of obeying the Lord. I felt Him tell me to go to a different church this morning. I had no idea why. I had been to that particular church before, but I'm not really impressed by the music. (I'm just being totally honest here!) I thought... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Time.

Every day, we are given the gift of time. However, I think time management is something that many of us could stand to improve on. It's all about our priorities and how we are choosing to spend time. This post I read today really struck me. Busyness is a huge problem in our culture. We crowd out... Continue Reading →

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