Open Hands

I tend to have strong preferences about certain things. Those who know me might disagree, as there are certain areas where I can be pretty flexible. It doesn’t take much for me to be content. However, there are a few areas of my life in which I have quite strong preferences. I was bringing one of these areas to God recently in prayer. Nothing was panning out quite how I planned. After much striving and trying to make things work how I wanted them to work, I had a moment where I was sitting at a stoplight and realized I just needed to surrender it to God.

My clenched hands were getting me nowhere. Absolutely nowhere but stressed out! I was tightly holding onto my preferences and hopes. Yet, it appeared that God had something else in mind. That moment of surrender to God was actually very freeing. My preferences were so limiting. My open hands can allow me to receive so much more than my clenched hands, which allow very little. Those strong preferences actually cause stress, instead of the freedom of allowing God to work things out in His creative way instead of to my very set specifications. (Although He usually does things to my specifications–except even better!)

God knows best. And every time I’ve surrendered these different areas of my life to Him, He always goes above and beyond anything I could ask or imagine. Thank You, Lord! Now to continue the adventure of living with open hands to receive the blessings which God is ready to give!

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