Eternal, Life-Revolutionizing Friendships.

Being someone who tends to struggle with technology, I’m thankful to have some family and friends whom I can call upon when having struggles with these things. A friend who I’ll call “R.” recently helped me figure out something with my phone, a feature that I didn’t think my phone had. And yet, it did! Using it has made my life simpler in some ways, and I’ve been so delighted that it works! R. asked me about it when I saw him this week, and I told him that I’d even been meaning to message him about it. “It’s revolutionized my life!” I told him.

I’ve had a lot of friends who have added life-revolutionizing aspects to my life. Friends who cook and then teach me amazing recipes. Friends who teach me new languages. Friends who give travel tips about amazing places I’d previously never heard of. Friends who help me to do things for my car that I couldn’t have imagined I would do myself before. All of these things have added to my life and made it better or easier in some way. Yet, thinking about all these things got me thinking even deeper. What about spiritual friendships that will revolutionize my eternal life? These temporal things have been helpful, and I’m very grateful for what they’ve added to my life. But ultimately, this world isn’t my home. So, are my current friendships helping me in some way get closer and more excited for that eternal home? Or are they simply caught up with these temporal things? Below are some questions that I came up with to help me think about my friendships and whether they are steering me in the direction I want to go.

*Do my friends call out behavior that isn’t becoming of who I am as a child of God who will one day live in that eternal home?

*Are my friends willing for me to speak out in love against behavior or ways of living that are ungodly?

*Do I walk away inspired from conversations with this person?

*Does this person’s presence inspire me to somehow become better?

*Does this person pray for and/or with me?

*Are my friends helping me to think about things that are relevant to my eternal life and how to live today in a way that prepares me well for Heaven?

After reflecting on these things, I was happy to realize that I can name many friends who have revolutionized my spiritual life! I pray that you can say the same…Those friendships will add to your life in a much more beautiful way than you could have ever fathomedNow, and eternally!

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